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My Homemade Pregnancy Test


What are homemade pregnancy tests?

For people who can not visit the shop to get pregnancy tests and can not go to the specialist either, there are methods for homemade pregnancy tests. Such tests are not harmful to anyone, they are also not clinically confirmed to give precise results. Due to the fact that the test is not that precise as home pregnancy tests, that’s why you should be cautious.

Even though the final results of your pregnancy test show a positive result, this is necessary that you get an at home pregnancy test in order to confirm your pregnancy before contacting your doctor to arrange your first prenatal visit. Furthermore, it is also necessary to deal with the contents of some of these types of tests with care, particularly the homemade bleach test. In case you are actually pregnant, you do not want to breathe in the fumes coming from the bleach, and also if you spill a little bleach on your clothes or furniture, it might ruin both.

How it works

Pregnancy tests generally check urine for the presence of pregnancy hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin).

They work by identifying hCG amounts within urine. Whenever a woman’s urine occurs in contact with the specially dealt with strip on a pregnancy test stick, effects appear within minutes, showing whether or not hCG has been identified.
Some at-home pregnancy tests are unable to identify hCG in urine quicker than the first day of a missed period. Improvements have made it possible for some at-home pregnancy test to identify hCG 6 days just before a missed period.

There are really several methods how you can make your personal pregnancy test in home.
This is really simple to use. Entire process of such test is quite easy and it will test presence of hormone.

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpasteA toothpaste pregnancy test involves you to mix up a spoonful of toothpaste within your urine sample then wait for the effects. If there is a change in color or even if the mixture changes frothy you might be pregnant.


Homemade pregnancy test using pine sol

Homemade pregnancy test using pine solPine Sol has already garnered popularity being one of the most reliable home cleaners available over the market. It is even used to test for pregnancy. One must remember in order to use just the original and not versions with fragrances and other ingredients for better results.


Homemade pregnancy test with bleach

Homemade pregnancy test with bleachHomemade pregnancy test could be simply completed by mixing up urine and bleach. Only a cup of bleach is required to perform this test. If bubble comes out or bleach fizzes after adding urine in it, the test would suggest pregnancy.


Homemade pregnancy test with vinegar

Homemade pregnancy test with vinegarOne of the easiest method to create a homemade pregnancy test is to get a bottle of white vinegar. By putting your urine into a small cup of vinegar, you are able to predict pregnancy. The color of the urine as well as vinegar mix will change if you are really pregnant.


Homemade pregnancy test with Dandelion Leaves

Homemade pregnancy test with Dandelion LeavesOne of the most famoused of all the available home made pregnancy test is the dandelion leave test. To get this test, leaves need to be collected from the plant stem. A piece of plastic has to be put in a place where the sunlight could not reach the leaves as they need protection from direct sunlight.


It is fantastic because this kind of a homemade pregnancy test can actually be seen as a cost-free pregnancy test. Women can use items that they have around the home to prepare such a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy Tests History

Egyptian women tested their urine in order to determine if it could make seeds grow. In case the seed starting grew, the woman was believed to be pregnant but if the seeds failed to grow she was certainly not carrying a child. Medieval women checked the color of the urine to test for pregnancy. A clear, lemon color was believed to indicate that an infant was on the way. By the 19th century, women were depending on typical signs of pregnancy to determine whether they were pregnant or not. We still make use of such symptoms, including tender breasts, missed periods, nausea and also aches, in order to detect pregnancy nowadays.

In the 20th century, the pregnancy hormone was recognized and testing came to be a lot more precise. Some women rejected testing and rather relied on their intuition, declaring that they simply felt different when they were expecting (this is most typical among women that have already had kids).

More history you can find on wikipedia.

Modern pregnancy tests

Modern home pregnancy tests are actually available from a health or a pharmacy care provider, they are actually very accurate.

Home pregnancy tests are offered in most pharmacies and price about $15. It’s important to follow all of the guidelines in the package of the home pregnancy test in case you take a home test. The end results will be either positive – meaning pregnant – otherwise negative – meaning not pregnant.
In case you are actually pregnant by testing your blood, health care companies can also test. Blood pregnancy tests aren’t done quite often. This particular website concentrates on urine pregnancy tests.
Modern home pregnancy tests are very accurate. If used after a missed period, most tests work 99 out of 100 times. They could be much less effective if you take the pregnancy test too early, if you do not use it properly, or if the expiration date has passed.

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