Homemade Pregnancy Test

My Homemade Pregnancy Test


Homemade pregnancy test using pine sol

Again in that homemade pregnancy test, urine has to be combined with pine sol sample. If any kind of variation in color of pine sol takes place, or the fluid turns into frothy and fizzy, then the homemade pregnancy test result might indicate pregnancy.


1. combine your urine sample with pine sol and wait in order to check for change in color.
2. change in color might suggest pregnancy.


– the waiting time is not defined
– whether the pregnancy is positive for slight discolorations is not clearly defined

If you get positive results in the homemade pregnancy test made with pine sole we would recommend that you confirm the results with a proper pregnancy test. You can either use the home pregnancy test kit or consult a doctor.

Are Homemade Pregnancy Tests Trustworthy?

Some of the biggest disadvantages to homemade pregnancy tests is the lack or absence of clear guidelines. Home pregnancy tests that can be purchased from the drug store are more trustworthy and have clear guidelines on how to use and how much time it is likely for the kit to take to show the result. Without any guidelines precisely specified, one might get a negative test even, when she is pregnant.

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