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My Homemade Pregnancy Test


Homemade pregnancy test with bleach

Bleach is a cleaning chemical substance that could even be used in homemade pregnancy test. This product helps to clean clothing through oxidation process.This test could be simply done by combining urine to it.

In order to test for pregnancy using bleach, put it into a cup with fresh urine. Much like other homemade tests, there is no guideline how much bleach to add to urine or how much time to wait for the results. Be really sure when you do this kind of homemade test, you move outside to perform it so that you control your chances of inhaling the dangerous fumes.

Certainly there are options that a the homemade pregnancy test made with bleach may show a negative result when you are really pregnant or get you concerned unnecessarily with a positive result although you might not be pregnant actually. Such tests are not very reliable. The ones who have attempted this test have actually not pointed out the amount of the bleach to be used for a specific amount of urine.

Are Homemade Pregnancy Tests Trustworthy?

Some of the biggest disadvantages to homemade pregnancy tests is the lack or absence of clear guidelines. Home pregnancy tests that can be purchased from the drug store are more trustworthy and have clear guidelines on how to use and how much time it is likely for the kit to take to show the result. Without any guidelines precisely specified, one might get a negative test even, when she is pregnant.

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